Valuable Tips for Choosing The Right Engineering College For A Bright Future

Engineering is a field of study that students most frequently turn to, aspiring to make their career in this wonderful line that offers immense opportunities for growth. There are as many as forty different branches of engineering offered in India, but only a small number of them are popular or chosen mostly by the candidates. The popular branches of engineering in India include computer science, electrical, electronics and communication, mechanical & automation, information technology, aeronautical, civil, architecture, biotechnology, and food technology. Whether you go to the best engineering colleges in Jaipur or Delhi or any other major city in the country, you will most probably find these branches available in their engineering department.

The choice of your engineering branch largely depends on your preference and orientation. But, the choice of the right engineering college is even important because that determines your career to a great degree. If you belong to that brilliant category of students who are confident of getting admission into an IIT or NIT, then nothing to bother; the credibility of these national level institutions is unquestionable. But, if you belong to that much wider category who seeks admission in a private college, then the tips that we are going to provide here are really for you. So, here are the valuable tips for choosing the right engineering college:

Firstly, the faculty must be strong in both count and quality. That is to say, there should be adequate number of full-time faculty members in the college or university in which you are seeking admission. They should also possess strong qualification, which is at least a Ph.D. for senior professors and an M. Tech degree for assistant professors. Also, look whether the faculty members have any publications in their name such as a book, journal, research paper, etc.

Secondly, the infrastructure and amenities should be contemporary. In good infrastructure comes spacious classrooms, richly supplied library, well-equipped labs, modern auditoriums, convenient accommodation, parking area, gymnasium, activity rooms, cafeteria, medical room, etc. While good facilities include filtered drinking water, clean washrooms, free WiFi zones, transportation, helpdesks, etc., inside the campus. These aforementioned things are considered necessary for creating a supportive environment for studies.

Thirdly, the curriculum must be comprehensive and carefully designed. A comprehensive syllabus in a study course is very important, even more so for an engineering course, because it is a technical subject. The curriculum should aim at preparing a strong base of students in their respective disciplines. Also, there should be enough practical sessions to provide practical knowledge to the students. Truly speaking, engineering is a practical field.

Fourthly, the placement cell should be effective. The placement cell of the college or university in which you are seeking admission should be effective in its role of making students ready for placement and inviting big companies to the campus for recruitment. You can assess the quality of education in a university by taking into account their placement rate and packages offered to the students in campus placement.

Lastly, don’t forget to check for the recognition and accreditation status of the university. It must be approved by UGC, and have accreditation from statutory bodies such as the AICTE or NBA.

Amity University Jaipur is one of the best B. Tech colleges in Jaipur that meets all the above conditions. If you are looking for admission into a private college or university in Jaipur, then Amity would prove to be a smart choice.




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