A Brief Introduction to The Most Popular Engineering Branch in India: Computer Science

Engineering is a very hot career option today in India and in other major countries of the world as well. If we talk about India, computer science engineering or CSE or B. Tech computer science, tops the list of the popular engineering branches in India. Whether you look for the data related to the  best B Tech courses in Rajasthan   or any other state in India, you will most often than not find computer science as the leading branch.


CSE is a four-year graduation course in engineering divided into eight semesters. During these four years, the student is taught and trained about the various aspects of computers, pertaining to the hardware and software, which prepares them to work effectively in the practical field. This program gives much stress on the software or programming or coding part, which is responsible for the successful functioning of the computers. Now that computers have today pervaded almost all walks of life, computer engineering has assumed great importance.


If you want to get admission in B. Tech computer science in a good college or university, you are required to score at least 60% marks in PCM and the same in aggregate. Then, you have to sit for a competitive examination. These exams are of broadly three types, viz., national level (JEE Main and JEE Advanced); state level (taken by states); and university level (taken by particular universities). Now, if you aspire to join the top-notch institutions such as the IIT or NIT, then you must score well in the JEE Main and Advanced, which are counted in the toughest exams in the world. Otherwise, you have the option for state and university level, which are relatively easy to crack.


Some of the primary subjects taught in CS Engineering include:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Electrical Science
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Foundation of Computer Systems
  • UNIX
  • Java Programming

Career Scope or Jobs

There is truly no dearth of jobs for capable CS graduates. Companies come to their doorstep to hire them, if they are really competent. There are jobs in both private and government sectors, but private sector jobs are much preferred by candidates in this field owing to the challenging assignments and high pay packets. The major IT and Technology companies in India that recruit CS graduates are Google, Facebook, Oracle, IBM, CISCO, Intel, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, and Amazon, among others.

Salary Package

The salary packages are quite high in CS Engineering, which is one of the major attractions of this field. Though the salary packages are dependent upon various factors such as the institution, academic performance, subject knowledge and capability, and soft skills of the candidate, the average domestic salary package offered by tech-giants like Google to an entry level software engineer is 12-15 lakhs (yearly) basic with certain bonuses and additional benefits. While those offered by mid-sized organizations to freshers are also decent, ranging from 7-10 lakhs p.a.

Piece of Advice

Computer science is, no doubt, a highly rewarding field, provided you are passionate about it. If you are looking for best B. Tech Colleges in Rajasthan, then Amity University Jaipur is perhaps the best one among the private colleges. Their bright placement records show that their education level is quite high.